Matej Filipčič – architect, film director, designer and producer – is one of the greatest artists in the last 20 years of the territory of Slovenia. On the one hand he combines the rigorous artistic and production creating in his own theatre where he is successfully building his vision of contemporary theatre. On the other hand, his opus contains a number of memorable events – commercial, corporate, large-format projects and national celebrations.

His creative work is a combination of classical and pop culture at its best. With a wide range of professional skills and experiences he is successfully adapting to different contents and formats, depending on the goals. He is recognisable for his amazing aesthetics, solid stage structure and his unique narration.

»In BLACK we can find the whole rainbow spectre of magic creative ideas and skills. PONY will take you to a journey to places you have just dreamed till now and wished to be true. So BLACK PONY represents a fantastic travelling vehicle for all dimensions and unforgettable experiences when impossible becomes possible… Just take a ride and enjoy the experience!« mag. Matej Filipčič, u.d.i.a.