A new multifunctional hall, the Arena Zagreb was built in 2008 to host big sports, cultural, business and entertainment events, but thanks to its beauty and grandeur it has become an architectural landmark of the City of Zagreb. The hall complies with the global standards for organizing sporting, cultural and entertainment events (concerts, exhibitions, conferences, fairs, theatrical productions), and a part of the space is reserved for catering and business services.

This building has two halls, one large and one small. The large hall has a seating capacity of 15,200, with 150 seats reserved for disabled persons. Depending on the event, it can accommodate more than 20,000 people. The small hall is located within the Arena Zagreb and is used for sports preparation and training. The Arena Zagreb can provide approximately 950 parking spaces, mostly located in the subterranean garage. For large-scale visits, there are 38 parking spaces available for buses.